On Making Time For Creative Pursuits

A little over a month ago, my beloved 50mm camera lens was broken and it took the wind right out of my amateur photography sails. After a stressful week, I was overwhelmed. Losing something that gave me so much joy was a little too much to take. So I put my camera away, as well as many of my other artistic pursuits, kept my head down and sucked it up. Have you ever been so focused on some areas of your life that other areas fall off? Of course you have. For me, lately that has meant that I've stopped playing music and stopped taking photos, two things that mean so much to me.

Obviously Parkinson's Law is coming into play here and learning to balance work and life will always be difficult for busy people. So where I used to be able to simply wait for inspiration, I now have to create it. If space is not made for creativity and exploration, that space will be quickly filled in with other work. So I bought a new lens and we booked a couple of shows, to bullishly foster creativity, to fuel my brain with hopeful ingenuity that will maybe bleed in to all areas of my life.

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