A Question For Moms

I'm right around five months pregnant and I suppose it's time to start preparing for this new human we'll have living here soon. Even after nannying for years, I am still overwhelmed when making a list of everything we'll need for this little guy. When it comes to actually doing the parenting, I'm really looking forward to it. But, all of the stuff we'll need is my problem. I am very much a minimalist when it comes to our home. When we buy something, it's usually from a second-hand store. Or Bradley just makes it. I don't like cluttering our home with things. When I do buy something, I want it to be simple, durable and well-designed.

I know things may change when a small boy moves in. I know we're going to have to put up with a lot of stuff. And after reviewing other baby registries and walking around the over-simulation-station that is Buy Buy Baby, I need your help.

For all of the amazing moms I know and any moms that want to chime in that I don't know, I welcome your suggestions! Let's start a conversation.

What are some things you just couldn't live without when you had your little one?

What are some great things you suggest everyone should have?

What are some of your favorite websites for shopping for baby?

We would really love to know what you've had success with, and thanks so much for your help.

Photo by Mandy Busby.


  1. Don't give in to the pressure! It's not true that you have to have a room full of toys just because you have a kid. Our baby is honestly happiest playing with a basket of kitchen utensils. I have two small drawers of toys that I rotate in for him. We did have a rock n play that he slept in for a while, but other than that, we haven't gotten any of those massive flashing light "activity" sets. We loved the book Simplicity Parenting, it sounds like you guys would too. <3

    1. Thank you so much, Dacy! I can't wait to get that book. That sounds right up our alley. :)