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Succotash Kansas City Missouri

Succotash Kansas City Missouri
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Go Blog Social

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Last weekend we piled in the car on Friday evening and traveled through an ice storm for some time away in Kansas City. After collapsing into our beds for a quick sleep we woke up Friday morning and explored the city a bit. For brunch we found ourselves at Succotash, a cute diner with killer vegan options where you're as likely to find a tattooed-teenager with a septum ring as you are to share a booth with an elderly couple talking politics. From there we made our way to Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art where the studio artist in our midst hopped from piece to piece like a kid in a candy store. Probably my favorite stop on the trip. After that we moved onto the art behemoth, Nelson Atkins, Kansas City's version of SLAM. We spent most of our time being tourists in the front yard making dirty jokes about the giant shuttlecocks and getting our feet muddy.

Drained from the cold we checked into 816, a boutique hotel outfitted with themed rooms, our sanctuary for the night. We were pleasantly surprised when we opened the door to a music motif. Sleeping under Bob Dylan? Not so bad. After devouring some matar peneer at Korma Sutra in Westport we landed back at 816 where Bradley had a cocktail in the bar and I read a book about the end of the world. All in all, a banner day.

Sunday morning I gulped down my allotted 200mg of coffee for the day (still getting used to this) and we made our way to Go Blog Social, our reason for coming. We met some great people and I found a kindred spirit in The Object Enthusiast, my favorite speaker of the day by far. See you soon KC.

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Kemper Art Museum Kansas City Missouri

 Go Blog Social Flower Wall Decor

Nelson Atkins Museum Kansas City Shuttlecocks

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