Contemporary Art Museum's Dada Bash Returns This Saturday

Every weekend our city is packed with so many great arts events, especially in the warmer months. This Saturday, May 16, Contemporary Art Museum will hold its biggest fundraising event of the year, Dada Ball and Bash at the Koken Art Factory. I teamed up with CAM and ALIVE Magazine to tell you a little more about Dada and why this is one of the most anticipated arts events of the season.

Dada or Dadaism was an early 20th-century anti-war, anti-bourgeois art movement celebrating the avant-garde. Every year, CAM bucks the traditional ball setup and creates their Dada anti-gala featuring avant-garde cuisine, outlandish fashion and wild entertainment. This year, you'll find us at the after-ball Dada Bash enjoying open bar (mocktails for me!), food and live music from the Hawthorne Headhunters and DJ Sinamin. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing local art influencers and the fashion they pull off like ALIVE Fashion Editor, Sarah Stallmann of Wicked Wallflower and ALIVE Publisher, Elizabeth Tucker who is rumored to be wearing a dress designed specifically for this event by Michael Drummond and featuring "female curves."

Tucker says, "This is the one gala that you can wear anything and get away with it. Dada is about breaking rules, going against the grain and challenging the norm."

Dada is against the future.
Dada is dead,
Dada is idiotic,
long live Dada!
-Theo van Doesburg

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