Sunday Shares: 10 Links

I hope you've had a refreshing weekend! We spent some time preparing for our new roommate who's moving in soon. And I finally got around to taking some photos off of my camera, like the one above from our camping trip over the 4th of July. What did you do?

1. Lena Dunham is launching a weekly newsletter in September. Will you subscribe?
2. This home tour with one of my favorite singer-songwriters of the moment.
3. Whenever I need a creative jolt I watch this video. It's one of the most inspiring talks I've seen.
4. My resourceful, dumpster diving husband found this in a trash can the other day. Jackpot.
5. Have you seen this movie yet? It looks fascinating.
6. How do you feel about minimalist baby decor, clothing and toys? I'm a huge fan.
7. #31DaysofMovement is a campaign I created when starting at ALIVE. Year #2 is happening now.
8. I've always been a cheap flip-flop buyer, but I recently bought a pair of these and now I'm hooked.
9. This pretty much somes up month nine of pregnancy.
10. Are you on Instagram or Twitter? Let's connect.


  1. No. No. No, he did NOT find an Eames chair in the trash!! Lucky!!

  2. Just a couple of things...

    You're husband found an Eames chair in a dumpster?! I'm confused. Surely that didn't really happen?
    LOVE the minimalist baby trend. Beats frills any day.