An Easy Tip For Keeping Your Wardrobe Polished Post-Baby

When I first found out I was having a baby I promised myself I wouldn't start dressing frumpy. Luckily, my personal style consists primarily of tunics, boots, leggings and flowy dresses so I got away with only buying a few key maternity pieces. Hello, mom jeans! Now that my little man is here I'm in an in-between phase. I've said goodbye to my preg clothes of months past but I'm not quite ready for the high-heeled, close-fittings outfits from 10 months ago.

I've had fun these past few weeks putting together outfits that are comfortable for a nursing mom but not something that screams, "This might have spit-up on it!" And I was excited when Jiffy Steamer contacted me recently about trying their travel steamer because while I have no time to iron with a six-week old in the house, I still want to look polished.

Before I was asked to be in a wedding a few years ago, I hadn't been introduced to the convenience of garment steamers. At the wedding one of the bridesmaids whipped out her steamer and in a few minutes all of our dresses were wrinkle-free. I immediately went out and grabbed one of my own. And until now, I have never had a portable steamer. But after using Jiffy's, I'm hooked. When strapped for time, it is so nice to be able to simply plug in the small, hand-held steamer and skip the clunky iron and ironing board.

This past weekend, Bradley and I had our first trip away with the baby. I crammed my clothes in a bag and we were off for a couple of days. It was awesome, but exhausting. Having the travel steamer with me honestly made our lives much easier. When staying with friends or family out-of-town it's nice to not have to ask to use the laundry room, and my denim top was full of wrinkles.

Utilizing tricks like portable steamers and mid-section masking tops have made me a much happier girl in these early weeks of baby life. Want to try a Jiffy Steamer? Use promo code MYJIFFYSTEAMER to get 10 percent off any steamer model. Here's to looking chic and stylish, even with a baby in tow. Cheers!

This post was published in partnership with Jiffy Steamer. Thank you to Jiffy Steamer and thank you for supporting the businesses that keep The Daily Wild growing. 

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    I love to use the cloth steamer, too. The blouses looks great, clean. Excellent for home use!