On Personal Style and Finding What Works for You

When I was in middle school I was obsessed with looking different. I was six feet tall in seventh grade. Fitting in wasn't exactly an option for me anyway. I experimented with hideous faux snakeskin jackets, terry cloth tube tops and fire engine red hair. It was not good. Then in high school, when I wasn't wearing sweatshirts after softball practice, I was trying desperately to mimic Penny Lane in Almost Famous (anyone else?) and spending all of my money on thrift shop bell-bottoms and lace tops. Again, not so good.

It wasn't until college that I accepted the fact that a strong personal style will always win over fleeting trends. And while I didn't regret any of my former fashion escapades, I knew that real style didn't come from imitation. It was then that I discovered great street-style blogs and stopped spending my money on cheap crap. These days, my closet is more compact, packed with black basics, great shoes and a few great boho staples. My real wardrobe is stored in smaller boxes. Because after all of this time trying to find the perfect outfit what I've finally realized is that yes, I like clothes, but I LOVE jewelry.

Even when I'm dressed in the perfect outfit, if my hands aren't stacked with rings I'm lost. Jewelry! Give me diamonds, yes. Pearls, okay. A giant shell with a hole drilled through the center, coated in resin and made into a ring? Bingo, the weirder the better. I'll throw it on with a black sheath and feel right at home and fashionably flawless, anywhere. No matter how many compliments you get on a look, unless you feel like it truly represents your personal mission, you'll never feel comfortable. For me, that means jewelry. And make it big.

Saint Louis Fashion Week has officially begun. Will you go? Find a list of every event here and just do you.

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