Our life has been so full lately. When I catch myself getting overwhelmed or complaining that I need a break I try to remember how lucky our small family is to be so busy. What a luxury to have days filled with careers we like, families we love and friends that know us so, so well.

Pregnancy has a way of making things a bit more hectic. I'm easily exhausted, often sick and constantly nesting. The urge to prepare for this second little man is real. All of those things are similar to pregnancy number one. But this second pregnancy has been different in so many ways.

Because I'm always chasing Tenn, I've forgotten (often) that I'm even pregnant. I haven't been checking the calendar every day, clicking on apps and reading stacks of books about motherhood. I haven't been making time for yoga, keeping a close eye on the scale or noting every ache and pain. Mostly because with a one-year-old I don't have time for those things. But, these last eight months have been breezier and lighter. I'll forever be thankful to my first born for making my life so much simpler.

I don't know if other mothers have had this experience, but when Tenn came into our lives literally nothing else mattered. All of the things that used to turn me upside down with worry just floated away. I don't have time for lists. I don't have time to be concerned if I said the right thing. As long as the baby is good, I'm good.

Motherhood may be hard, but it's the easiest hard I've ever found.

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Photo is from my ever-growing stockpile of interior inspiration. We're toying with the idea of adding on to our home, so of course, I'm jumping the gun and making a ton of new plans. Have you ever done an addition on your house? Good experience or bad? Find this photo and more inspiration on my Pinterest.

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