Hi, I'm Rachel and I live in St. Louis. I'm a musician, the executive editor for a gorgeous magazine, a wife to Bradley and a mother to Tennessee and Baby Boy #2 arriving in December. My camera is usually with me and so are our two dogs, Frank and Barb. I love banging on the upright piano in our living room, wine with friends, kitchen dance parties, black clothes, listening to my husband sing, babies, good vegetarian food, people with strong convictions and conversations about things I love. My husband Bradley is an artist, rock star and all-around renaissance man.  Together we're trying our best to share a life well-lived.

The Daily Wild 

I'm a fan of daily routines, calm mornings and good coffee. I'm also a fan of chaos, change, challenges, crazy late nights and pushing things forward. So, I cover a lot of things. But I tend to stick to living well, travel, food, music, culture, motherhood and style.

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