Local St. Louis Designers that Convey an Effortless Cool

Gone are the days of mixing and matching endless wardrobe options to find the perfect outfit before leaving for work, that important meeting, or fun night out. I reflect back on the glory days of standing in front of my closet with endless possibilities thinking, “Hmm, what outfit will convey the right first impression? What story do I want it to tell? Which of my five personalities wants to come out and play?” Ha!

Trial and error would then ensue until I would nail that sought after look. Now, with two small kids, I feel lucky to get a potato sack over my head. Workdays are filled with getting everyone else ready and out the door. When it’s my turn, I have only a few minutes to grab the first thing I see. And on weekends, I have a three foot parasite I can’t shake, wanting to be witness to my every move as if it’s that entertaining.

With little time to give to my fashion game, I’ve found these local designers to be my reliable all-stars.


Beltshazzar Jewels

These unique, handcrafted pieces from Theresa Wangia elevate any outfit. Her statement accessories are a lifesaver when you only have time to go with an outfit you just aren’t feeling and have to be somewhere five minutes ago. Incorporating elements like stone, leather, chains, crystals, bone and horn, her jewelry can be worn for both day and night.


Nothing makes me more excited than a good “one size fits all” find; hence Skif is my happy place. The clothing is adaptable⁠—meant to fit every body type. The same sweater could be a crop fit worn in layers for one person or sported just above the the knee with leggings for another. Serious perk, fabrics are soft and fits are loose (if you want them to be), so find the right top and it can double as maternity wear.

Lauren Michelle Tracy

Lauren’s scarves help me achieve a sophisticated and put together look on days when I am feeling anything but.  Artistic, bold patterns and prints are hand painted batik on 100% silk, making them 1,000% amazing! While I used to be intimidated about how to add a scarf to my wardrobe, these are so easy to integrate. Soft and lightweight, I can simply let it hang around my neck for a whimsical and feminine touch or wrap it around a few times, tied off with a knot, for a professional and powerful look.

What local designers are you loving? Let us know in the comments.

Photograph by Inti St. Clair.