A List of Things to Grab on Amazon that Will Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable

Here’s the thing. No one really likes to talk about it, but there are a lot of moments during pregnancy that really suck. It’s painful, you may be nauseous, your body is changing at an incredibly fast rate, your hormones are everywhere. We’ve chatted with several mothers and rounded up a list of things that helped us through it. And bonus, all of these things are inexpensive available on Amazon! 

  1. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
    This first one is fairly self-explanatory. Everyone feels better with a bit of a glow. And St. Tropez is by far our favorite self tanner. It’s easy to apply and pro-level color with no streaks. It’s worth every penny. Click the link at the top for our favorite kind, or here’s a starter pack if that’s more your style. 

  2. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer
    You know how everyone talks about pregnant women glowing? That’s usually moisturizer. Some women are blessed with an amazing set of genes and hormones that clears up their skin and smooths out fine lines when they are pregnant. Those women are not us. This moisturizer is our favorite daily lotion and it also give you a little glow. 

  3. Prenatal Gummies
    Speaking of clear skin, prenatal vitamins help with that! We’ve been taking them for years, even when we’re not pregnant. Why? Because they support hair growth and a healthy system. It’s a win, win. This is our favorite brand because they are tasty gummies but aren’t coated in sugar like some other brands. 

  4. Over-the-Bump Leggings
    These are the BEST leggings for pregnancy and just after the birth of your sweet little one. They are a sort of athletic material, but thin enough that they aren’t hot. They stretch all the way up over your bump and when worn with a cute tunic, they look like a great pair of pants. They’re super comfortable and only $19! Highly recommend! 

  5. Snake Plant
    This is a great gift for a pregnant woman, and also a great purchase if you’re really feeling the nesting vibes. These plants are almost impossible to kill. There’s virtually no maintenance. Just water it every once in a while and place in near a window with indirect sunlight. Done! It helps circulate the oxygen in your home and looks chic in a nursery room corner. 

  6. Nursing Bra
    It may sound weird to grab a nursing bra and start wearing it before you’re actually nursing. But trust us! You’ll want these for the hospital and they are super comfortable for when your girls get bigger during pregnancy. Try it. 

  7. Slippers
    Whether or not you’re pregnant in the winter, these are your new best friend. For those cold night in the air conditioning, and then in the hospital, these are great. 

  8. Kimono
    It’s no surprise that finding cute outfits to wear throughout your trimesters can be difficult. Enter, the kimono. These are cute with shorts, leggings and jeans and always look chic. Pair with long earrings and wedges for your baby shower. 

  9. Ginger Drops
    An easy bag to drop in your purse for those moments when nausea hits. 

  10. Body Pillow
    Okay, we get it. These body pillows look obnoxious. But if your hips and back are bothering you, these could be your saving grace. They take some getting used to but can really help! 

We know it may not be necessary, but of course we have to say it: we are not doctors and the items on this list are all things we love and decided on our own to use. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about what prenatals to take, lotions to use, etc. These links are affiliate links. We would never recommend anything that we didn’t already use and love.

What did we miss? We’re only scratching the surface here. What helped you through difficult times?
Thanks for reading!  

Thumbnail image by John Looy. Photo in post by Vitor Pinto.