4 Family-Friendly Recipes that are Making Us Dream of Fall

You plan your daily meals and groceries lists every week, right? And they’re healthy, delicious, low cost and everyone loves them? I know, we’re laughing and rolling our eyes, too. Meal planning is always something our home has aspired too, but in all honesty it’s usually a day-to-day juggle.

Something I have recently started doing has helped our household out a ton: ordering groceries on an app and having them delivered. I hate grocery shopping, but like most busy moms I like to eat. So having groceries delivered to my door has been a life changer. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I also save money doing it because I’m not wandering around the store dropping unnecessary items into the cart. Here’s an affiliate link if you’re interested in giving it a shot.

Now, onto the good stuff! When we do get around to cooking in our home, we have a few go-to recipes that we eat almost every week. In the interest of branching out, I’ve been scouring Pinterest boards and recipe sites for a few family-friendly dishes that might be healthy enough, yummy enough and easy enough. Here are a few I’m excited to try!

  1. Vegan Spicy Kale and Romesco Pasta
    My boys absolutely LOVE noodles. Any type of noodle will do. I have a delicious spicy thai noodles recipe, but I’m sorry to say that Mac & Cheese usually ends up on their plates throughout the week. This looks like a fun and delicious alternative.

  2. Baked Spring Rolls
    I love ordering spring rolls to share when we go out to eat, but have never made them myself. I’m excited to try this recipe that’s call for baking instead of frying to save a few calories.

  3. Wild Mushroom Stroganoff
    This hearty dish just screams fall to me. I’m holding onto summer temperatures in St. Louis, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was ready for fall.

  4. Baking Hacks Video
    Okay, this isn’t an actual recipe, but this video is amazing! There are so many wonderful ideas here for those who like to bake. I’m not a big sweets eater and I still had to save this.

    Now it’s your turn! Where are your favorite places to find new recipes? And do you even like to cook? As mothers we’re sometimes embarrassed to say that cooking is “not our favorite thing.” Well, if that’s true, I’ll gladly start the chant! Let’s start a conversation in the comments.

    Photo by Emily Webster.