5 Beautiful and Unexpected Gifts to Give a New Mother

As a new mother, every gift, every visit, every text and phone call was a beautiful reminder that my new family was loved. It was overwhelming how many friends and family members reached out and offered their support when our first son was born. I still cherish every thoughtful present and the amount of time our loved ones spent with us. 

When I look back on that time, there are a few cherished gestures that stick out. And not surprisingly, they aren’t traditional gifts. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift to give a new parent here’s a small list that made the greatest impact on me.

  1. Alone time with the baby.
    This might seem obvious, but before we even left the hospital we had a steady stream of well-wishers. It was at the same time wonderful and incredibly stressful. I was insecure, healing, anxiety-ridden, sleep-deprived and trying to figure out the new enormous task of mothering. And for someone who prides herself on being a decent hostess, entertaining visitors was the last thing I wanted to do. I cherished the moments alone I had with my son—the dark evenings when everyone was sleeping and it was just us. I wish I’d had more of that. 

  2. An in-home photo session with a local photographer.
    The photos I took of my son in his first days are sacred to me. I imagine most mothers feel this way. Many local photographers now offer newborn sessions, and some will come into your home and bring everything to you. For parents just starting out, not having to leave the house is a huge bonus. 

  3. A clean home.
    When my first son surprised us three weeks early, we had little time to think of preparing the house. My family came to our home while my husband and I were in the hospital and cleaned for us. It was incredible and totally unexpected. After leaving a sterile hospital room, coming home feels so good. But coming home to a polished space and not having to worry about germs on the new baby? Bliss. 

  4. Babysitting a pet.
    Remember that rock star family I mentioned above? While they were at our home cleaning, they also picked up our two dogs—and watched them for a week! It was an amazing and hugely appreciated gift. 

  5. A meal.
    In the first few days after baby, a close friend visited us with five bags of groceries. All nourishing food for a nursing mama (and a few frozen pizzas for when we were feeling blah). It was wonderful! Again, totally unexpected and something I would have never known to ask for. 

When we arrived home from the hospital with our newborn, I assumed I had thought of everything. I’m a major planner. But I couldn’t have imagined the kindness people felt for a tiny human they didn’t even know and how impacted I would be by a handful of thoughtful gestures. So, if you want to blow a new mother’s mind, try giving her an experience or a present that can’t be bought.

What are some unconventional gifts you were given? Share with us in the comments!

Photos of a beautiful new mother and father by Kelly Sikkema