Free Moments to Share with Your Kids this Fall

  1. A Nature Walk
    My two boys are obsessed with this activity. Whether we’re out in the country or in the burbs, we grab a bucket or a bag and just get outside! We walk together around the yard, or take a true romp through the woods. While walking I’ll ask them to find a pinecone, a green leaf, a brown leaf, etc. I ask them to notice different sounds like a squirrel chewing on a nut, cars in the distance, crunching sticks and leaves underfoot. It’s always a big hit.

  2. A Ghost Story Outside
    Just after dusk and right before bath and bedtime, light a candle (or switch on a lantern) and try sharing a story outside. The kids will cuddle just a bit closer as the sky darkens and the time outside makes little minds sleepier. Bonus points for the mama whole builds a campfire!

  3. Family Movie Night
    My kids absolutely LOVE it when I start a movie, turn off all the lights and pile pillows on the floor. Sometimes we’ll order pizza, sometimes I’ll just pop a bowl of popcorn. The food doesn’t matter and neither does the movie. They love cuddling on the floor because it’s different and special.

  4. Working in the Yard Together
    Raking leaves and jumping in them doesn’t have to be the only activity to involve kids in this fall. For preschoolers, try giving them pair of kids’ scissors and let them help you “cut the grass.” Or have them help you pull weeds out of the mulch. Or, make a competition out of picking up leaves and see who can gather the most in 5 minutes.

  5. A Park Picnic
    Try lunch or dinner al fresco at your nearest park. The fall weather is perfect for this. Take along a board game or yard game for those fast eaters in the family.

Campire photo by Jenelle Hayes.