Rowan Thomas Johnson

Our daily recently got a bit more wild. Three weeks ahead of schedule, Rowan Thomas Johnson joined our tribe. We left it to the last minute to choose a name and had only decided on Rowan a few days before. A Rowan is a type of mountain Ash tree, growing throughout the Northern Hemisphere and peppered with red berries. In many cultures, the Rowan tree is sacred and sometimes referred to as "The Traveller's Tree," preventing those on long journeys from getting lost. In the Druid religion, the Rowan is "The Portal Tree." It's considered the threshold between our world and others.

Our sweet blond, blue-eyed Rowan joined us around 11pm on Friday, December 9. He weighed 8lbs 3oz and is 21 inches long. I feel awfully lucky to be surrounded by my beautiful blond boys.